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Institute of Chemistry of Sao Carlos (USP)

The Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos (IQSC) is one of the unities of University of São Paulo was created in April 1994 from the division of the former Institute of Physics and Chemistry of São Carlos. It is now divided into two Departments:

The Department of Chemistry and Molecular Physics, (DQFM), with the following research groups: Analytical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers; Chromatography; Crystallography; Medical Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry and Reference Materials; Inorganic and Analytic Chemistry; Analytical chemistry Applied Aquatic and Terrestrial Medicines and Ecosystems; Biochemistry and Biomaterials; Phytochemical Analysis; Thermal Analysis; Electroanalysis and Chemistry of Solutions; Photosensibilizers; Molecular Biophysics.

The Department of Physical Chemistry, (DFQ), with the following research groups: Organic Physical Chemistry; Electrochemical Materials and Electroanalytical Methods; Electrochemistry; Photochemistry; Interface Electrochemistry; Chemical Reactors and Heterogeneous Catalysis; Organic Chemistry and Natural Products; Chemical Education; Molecular Fluorescence.

Both Departments are engaged on extensive basic and applied research programs in chemistry, involving a wide range of scientific interactions with national and international institutions, and ranking the IQSC as one at the top level of scientific productivity at University of São Paulo.

Together with the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Chemistry also administrates the Coordenadoria de Divulgação Científica e Cultural (Scientific and Cultural Extension Coordination, CDCC), which has as its aim to favour the interaction between the University and students and teachers of elemental and secondary schools of the São Carlos region.

The formation of human resources in the area of chemistry consists on high quality Undergraduate and Graduate courses.

The IQSC offers Undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Teaching Licensing in Science. It is also responsible to provide the chemical classes for the courses of the Institute of Physics of São Carlos (IFSC) and the School of Engineering – São Carlos (EESC).

Graduated courses are in the areas of Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science, Bioengineering, all of them ranked at high levels by Coordenadoria de Aperfeiçoamento do Ensino Superior (CAPES) of the Ministry of Education.

There are 42 Professors in the IQSC, all of them developing full-time activities devoted mainly to teaching and scientific research. The teaching activities involve Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Programs. At present there are about 280 undergraduates enrolled in the undergraduate programs and 625 students got already their first degree in Chemistry at the Institute. There are at present about 300 students in the Graduate programs, and up to the end of last year the Institute granted 673 MSc and 435 PhD degrees.

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